Health in our Hands English

Health in our hands EnglishHealth in our Hands

Hello Friends,

    Health… Everyone knows it is much valuable than anything in the world. Many in our society are trying to educate us about healthy living.

     Any two people meeting formally will speak about Health at least once in their conversation. They will speak about Allopathy, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Naturopathy etc. They are trying to follow one by one, to become healthier. But in vain. Nobody can heal us, except ourselves. It is in our hands only. If we change our behavior(the things we do), we can easily get Health.

    I am not suggesting you, get a temporary relief, by going to a hospital or taking some medicines. As I said, if we change the things we do, we can be healthier.  We will follow it, and show the direction to many.

    The above said medical systems are useful to many, especially in emergencies. The Allopathy is very useful in an emergency. Other systems are also relieving us from many illnesses. It is a fact. But there are so many malpractices in them. I am not going into that discussion.

    For now, we are using these medical systems, only when we got ill. All of us know the proverb “Prevention is better than Cure”. All the medical systems we know tell how to heal when we got ill. But they don’t know or tell how to prevent diseases before they will trouble us.

    Our mission is to find that. Stop wandering around hospitals and Doctors. We will find out the solution to prevent the illness not to enter into our body.

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